Here’s what a few of our students say…

I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Foremost, there is a friendly atmosphere which all people do not associate with certain martial arts or combat sports. Secondly the instructors are very good in that they not only explain how a technique should be executed but why it should be done in such a manner. Another reason I have enjoyed the classes is that there is a good mix of people who attend. I would certainly recommend Leicester PKA to others.

I originally joined PKA Kick Boxing Leicester for my son Rocco, fitness and enjoyment for myself. The instructors make you feel relaxed and there is a good atmosphere in the class. I have recommended kick boxing to a few of my friends.

I love the kickboxing classes. They are a lot of fun and really challenging. I went down to the free intro class after realising I was getting unfit I wanted to do something enjoyable to fix this. I instantly loved the classes and I’ve been going for years.

I’d tried a few other martial arts classes in Leicester in the past but they always focused on fighting which never suited me – I’m not an aggressive person and didn’t feel comfortable sparring. This wasn’t a problem with the PKA because they have all types of classes and sparring is optional. However, after several classes and learning the basic techniques sparring became a natural progression which I now enjoy.

I can’t fault the classes or the instructors and highly recommend trying kickboxing with the PKA. I’m now fitter, thinner and a lot more confident.

FAB!!! I look forward to my class sooooo much each week 🙂

I came to leicester pka with some experience from other kickboxing clubs including pka looking to further my martial arts education and build upon what i already had under a coach who had been there and done it for themselves. I feel im progressing well and ive picked up valuable knowledge and experience from the instructors, i have pushed on to compete at international tournaments with their help, aswell as competing domesticaly with other members of the club. as a club theres a friendly enviroment and i would reccomend it to anybody no matter what experience or skill level. Come and give it a go.

I joined Leicster PKA in 2009. I went along to the free initial class at PKA and found it to be professional, yet friendly. The instructors are concise and constructive with their feedback and allow you to work and progess at your own pace! The other members are also welcoming and at first it felt a little intimidating to partner different people, particularly if they were of a higher grade, but i soon learnt that everyone is eager for you to progress and more than happy to teach! I even gave sparring an attempt and grew to love it! PKA is like one big family – a completely non-threatening non-intimidating environment. I have found kickboxing to be challenging, interesting and it has taught me discipline and focus! It is now one of my most favourite forms of exercise. It’s particularly great when you see results and progress is measured by grading, with the excellent support of the instructors!! I love it!! 😉 The club truly does have high standards of teaching and grading system- so rest assured that when you achieve a belt, not only have you worked for it, but it is well-deserved! …….so why not try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!!

I was looking to do something different than weight training which is quite boring. I found PKA Leicester on internet. Made a phone call and went there to see how it’s like. After first class decided to carry on. It was about 2 years ago and I am still attending. What I really like about PKA is friendly people.

I turned 30 and wanted to do something other than workout at the gym. I turned up to a Leicester PKA FREE introduction class and fell in Love! Not with the instructors or other members (although they were all very friendly and lovely) but with kickboxing. I was now addicted – I have trained regularly over the past 6 years and my strength and fitness has improved greatly. Kickboxing has even given me the strength and focus to give up smoking! The instructors at Leicester PKA are very supportive and approachable and as the club members we are all like one big family. The club is very welcoming and friendly and you will be made to feel you belong straight away. I have progressed through my belts at a pace that has suited me and never felt under pressure to grade when I am not ready. If you are looking for a club that is supportive, friendly and fun then the Leicester PKA is the place for you!!