Kickboxing for Juniors

Martial Arts Classes for Students 8-12 yrs

Kickboxing Classes for children in Leicester

Kickboxing classes for 8 – 12 years old. Our classes throughout Leicestershire are designed for students of all abilities. We welcome complete beginners who we train to become fitter, healthier and more confident whilst having fun and making friends.
Kickboxing is perfect if you have concerns about your child’s health, fitness abilities, issues with bullying or confidence levels. The feedback we receive from our students and parents is fantastic.

Martial Art Classes for kids in Leicester


No two classes are the same. We vary every session with new exercises, routines and techniques to constantly challenge and improve students. A typical martial arts class follows the following structure:

  • WARM UP – Stretches and cardio exercises.
  • PAD WORK – Here we teach how to punch, kick and evade attacks
  • FITNESS ROUTINES – Fitness is the center of all martial arts. Cardio workouts designed to improve fitness.
  • GRADING SET – A series of kickboxing technical combinations used as part of the belt grading system
  • STRETCH OUT – A range of stretches for the entire body

“…I started my daughter with Leicester PKA after a few issues with bullies at school. We didn’t want her to learn to fight but hoped she might loose a little weight and feel more confident at school. The classes worked wonders! After a couple of months you could really see a difference in her. Much more confident and happy. I’m so pleased we tried it…”

PKA Kickboing for Juniors


Sparring is completely optional. Unlike most other martial art schools, we do not require students to fight unless they are completely happy to do so. Many of our students never spar and others fight at a competitive level.

Sparring is available to anyone who wishes to learn fighting techniques, defense skills and drills, footwork, movement and variations of fighting combinations. Sparring is often a natural progression from your time with the Leicester PKA.

All sparring takes place in dedicated sparring only sessions and fully supervised in a controlled and non-aggressive environment. You can choose to spar; light, semi-contact or full-contact.



    Pay As You Go: £5 per class

    Pay Monthly: £20 per month (1 weekly class)*

    Unlimited Training: £35 per month*

    *Paid by Direct Debit


    A membership fee of £45 which includes:

    • PKA Uniform (t-shirt and trousers)
    • First years insurance
    • Life-time membership to all UK PKA schools
    • Grading record book